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Ryusuke Ito

Ryusuke Ito

Ryusuke Ito is a Japanese artist practicing video art, also a diehard experimental filmmaker still working with silver halide film.


His interests and curiosities focus on the materiality of moving images as a medium and its social function as a communication system. His series of video installations known as "Realistic Virtuality", he creates detailed miniature sets, which symbolize our modern life, such as a food court of a shopping mall, a flying drone and a ruin of a nuclear plant, and video-shoots them to live, and enlarges images of a miniature set trough projectors juxtapose them each other. Through eye-witnessing gaps between powerful, realistic images and its poor "original", his work is playful and amusing with sensing structures of video as a medium, as well as arousing suspicions of credibility of nowadays visual media, such as movies, TV and social networking services.


He is also known as a Japanese manga critic “Kenji Murasame” contributing to a magazine for various papers and magazines since the 1980s.

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