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Troy House Residence Exhibition I: 

Opening Date:

May 12, 2022

From 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm



Charlotte Eta Mumm, Blandine Herrmann,Svitlana Mykhailova

Exhibition Address:

10-12 New Union Square, Nine Elms, London SW11 7AX

Organize Institution:

Troy House Art Foundation

Free entry

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Charlotte Eta Mumm




Charlotte Eta. Mumm (*1980 Georgsmarienhütte, DE) based in Amsterdam. Her work is about ambivalences and tangibility. She works with multiple means of expressions and materials. It isn’t about the material perse but rather about the transformation and entitative qualities. Her work has been exhibited internationlly. To name a few: Galerie Tanit in Munich, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Phoinix in Bratislava; Museum Brot und Kunst in Ulm; Keramiekmuseum Princessehof in Leeuwarden, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2024.Awards and Residencies include e.g. Saari Residency fellowship from the Kone Foundation (FI), Werkstattpreis of the Art Foundation Erich Hauser in Rottweil (DE), working grant at the EKWC, Oisterwijk (NL). She was a resident at Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag (NL)in 2022 and she will join the residency program Thread in Sinthian (SN) by the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation in 2023.

parts of a closed world


Isn’t the title already a dilemma? How can you expose parts of a closed world without eliminating its closed nature? It’s muddy – not only out there along the brown river and the green fields in the Wye Valley but also inside of us humans. We are like mud, a mix of solids and liquids, - and a suspension of perception interacting with the cognitive and nervous system and all the things in between. I’ve always been attracted to mud, to its peculiar nature and state. In this multi-layered installation it’s my working material and content-carrier.


A big wooden and organic construction stands there. It’s covered with mud, on some other parts a flesh-like varnish is shimmering on the surface. The form shows an abstraction and a doubling of a backbone –in both the literal and figurative sense. Our system deals with stimuli and transforms them to outer actions and internal reactions. It’s highly complex. The doubling in the sculpture could be seen as parallel underlying worlds and also the possibility that the same signal can be transformed in a different way when the condition changes. On this ‘backbone’ you see a video of the free fall of information processing without a filter. Unconsciously, the brain is made to predict situations and selecting continuously to avoid a sensory overload. What if not?


The engraved drawings on mud, collected around the Troy house in Monmouth, analyze these parallel worlds in their interdependency and noncompliant but still functional structures. The friction between the worlds makes us who we are. Muddy views, troubled water, the particles need to sink to make the mud solid and the water clear.

Blandine Herrmann

Blandine Herrmann currently lives and works in Marseille, France. Her research focuses on the relationship between images, memory and painting. She uses some documents (photographic archives, family albums, botanic books, literature.. ) as  raw materials to wonder about a collective memory and as a way of questioning our relationship to oblivion. We are faced with paintings that try to become the image but never quite succeed. These images become the realm of ghosts and spirits who watch us. Her recent exhibitions took place at the FRISE Künstlerhaus e. V in Hamburg, Germany,  La galerie du Tableau, in Marseille, France. She received a grant for creation for her upcoming project «Forêt-Fantôme» supported by the DRAC PACA.

Along the River Wye

My research for this residency focused on the relationship between memories, childhood and the surrounding natural environment. Childhood is like a place we can go to find something missing or lost. But childhood is also like a fishing trip, once we catch the fish, it dies. I wanted to do some research about this process of disappearance that we are experiencing with ecology. These are the things I found along the Wye River.


It's not only about the river itself, but also about its non-human inhabitants. The river helped me find unexpected directions and paths. She was like a presence, sometimes very calm, sometimes angry. She was like the stories that come and go through time in an endless flow. So I began to create a narrative around her using paint and drawing. Occasionally stories can overflow and become fiction.


My inspirations are multiple. They are meetings on the side of the road and in the forest around. A book by Heather and Robin Tanner, The woodland plants and stories for children that sometimes scare us a little. Monsters and spirits are not far away.

Svitlana Mykhailova










Svitlana Mykhailova was born in Kherson, south of Ukraine. In 2002-2005, she actively participated in the festivals of contemporary art youth organization «Totem», where she created performances, happenings, art objects. After graduation Svitlana moved to Kyiv and worked as a commercial artist (2007-2011).Since 2012 continued development in contemporary art. Svitlana is the founder and curator of the art group Residence of ideas "ArtShuttle", whose goal is to bring together artists and curators to create joint projects, festivals, and residences. After the military invasion of Ukraine, Svitlana lives in England."With the help of my artistic practice, I try to understand and feel some patterns according to which a person lives in one or another environment, which they have an influence on each other and formation. I mostly find visual parallels in my memory from personal experience, heard stories, and symbolic dreams. Observing the surrounding world: people, nature, settlements, everyday life, I am most concerned about the impact and interaction in all its manifestations. For each individual project, I select the media that can best reveal the topic of research. Working with graphics, textiles, performance, photo, video, installation, land art, collage, I create new interactions and meanings."


This project is very personal. It's about my family, acquaintances, friends, classmates, neighbours and how my attitude towards them has changed. Depending on their choices.


During the residency, I spent a lot of time collecting information and communicating with my friends and acquaintances who are currently occupied. The information I received was mainly from people who support Ukraine. The most appropriate phrase to describe the real situation in that area is (literally) "Half the people are crying, half are rejoicing". Dividing people into two opposing camps is the goal of any propaganda, and this goal was achieved.


In this project, I tried to show my perception and my attitude towards these two camps. Some people have become heroes for me, while others I bury in my memory and do not want to see at the moment and can not forgive.



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