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Asian Moving Image

Research is a major area of Troy House Art Foundation's mission to advance society through the arts. In this way, the Foundation hopes to contribute something sustainable to its surrounding local communities.

Asian Moving Image Research Center


Troy House Art is dedicated to fostering the development of Asian Moving Image through the research, collection, promotion, and critical discourse around works within this genre.


Our goal is to discover new dimensions on moving image and to serve as a hub for the debate, review, and criticism of the complexities found on moving image studies. Now, in 2020, we look to expand our collection and mission even further through establishing Asian Moving Image Research Centre to create a supportive environment to explore this localised geographic area and its specific cultural frameworks. The Centre embodies diverse artistic genres and focuses on scrutinizing the historical and cultural background, scientific impact, as well as the evolution of moving images that are relevant to the present, responding to the art reform. 

Currently, we are working with Asia-based organisations and researchers to expand the scholarship within this field. In the future, we look to extend our network further to reach a wider global network of participating researchers and organisations.


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