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Ongoing Show

On Water & Plants

Artistic Positions on Sustainability

Troy House Art Foundation London will be presenting an interdisciplinary project curated by the art historian Tereza de Arruda and developed priory in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Rostock together with the Botanical Garden of the University of Rostock in which scientific research and art entered into dialogue.

This programme guides the audience with current artistic confrontations related to nature in the form of installations, objects, paintings, sculptures, photographs and site-specific works focused on five topics – On The Fascination of Nature, In Symbiosis with Nature, Analysis of Nature, Exploration of Nature and The Perception of Nature.

Exhibition Opening Dates & Times:

25 August to 15th September, 1-8 PM (Friday & Saturdays weekly)

Exhibition Address:
10-12 New Union Square, Nine Elms, London SW11 7AX


On Water & Plants (3x4, 1440px) (1).jpg
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