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Troy House Art Foundation is seeking an intern (graphic design) to assist the design and production tasks in the various art projects. Candidate must be knowledgeable about graphics design, visual communication, digital platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), and creative media. THAF’s Internship Program 2020 is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students in art-related discipline. Applicants should send resumes and cover letters to Troy House Art Foundation during the application period.



  • To assist in preparing exhibition and marketing materials such as logos, leaflets, posters, catalogues, etc.;

  • To assist in producing 2D /3D models for exhibition;

  • To assist in preparing curatorial pitching documents;

  • To support the production of photos, videos, and motion graphics;

  • To assist in planning, analyzing, and creating designs for digital or print publishing; and

  • To support in the design management from concept to implementation.



  • Studying a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in Design, Fine Arts, Creative Media, or related subjects;

  • Have a strong sense of design and aesthetics with the ability to conceptualize ideas and bring these to realization as 2D /3D environments;

  • Demonstrate creative design concepts by producing visual presentations;

  • Ensure all creative is up on communication channel and always fulfill the requirements of the tasks;

  • Be proficient in design software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign and Sketchup, and Final Cut Pro;

  • Be proficient in in photography and videography for social media content;

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English;

  • Work closely with project and production teams, to study and discuss the design concept, materials used and production details;

  • Be devoted, self-motivated, creative, detail-minded, efficient and well-organization with good communication skills; and

  • Able to work independently and systematically.

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