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Svitlana Mykhailova


Svitlana Mykhailova was born in Kherson, south of Ukraine. In 2002-2005, she actively participated in the festivals of contemporary art youth organization «Totem», where she created performances, happenings, art objects. After graduation Svitlana moved to Kyiv and worked as a commercial artist (2007-2011).Since 2012 continued development in contemporary art. Svitlana is the founder and curator of the art group Residence of ideas "ArtShuttle", whose goal is to bring together artists and curators to create joint projects, festivals, and residences. After the military invasion of Ukraine, Svitlana lives in England."With the help of my artistic practice, I try to understand and feel some patterns according to which a person lives in one or another environment, which they have an influence on each other and formation. I mostly find visual parallels in my memory from personal experience, heard stories, and symbolic dreams. Observing the surrounding world: people, nature, settlements, everyday life, I am most concerned about the impact and interaction in all its manifestations. For each individual project, I select the media that can best reveal the topic of research. Working with graphics, textiles, performance, photo, video, installation, land art, collage, I create new interactions and meanings."

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